About Us
About Us

About YS Precision

YS Precision-your reliable offshore OEM Service Supplier, is dedicated to providing extensive manufacturing service in plastic and metal parts machining for worldwide customers.

Established in 2010, with its various state-of-the art CNC machines, and a strong professional team of engineers and customer service staff, YS enables to provide customers high quality manufacturing service: plastic/metal prototypes, plastic CNC Machining parts, metal cnc machining parts, die casting parts, plastic molding parts, and so on.

We have been serving customers from a wide range industries such as automotive, electronics, medical device, telecommunication, home appliance, digital products and other industries. We can manufacture common and technical challenging parts, including complicated parts with high precision and very special surface treatment requirement.

Our Mission is to provide high quality products and considerate service to every customers. And we are willing to produce small volume products even only 1 piece to customer. We will keep doing the best to help customers bring their ideas and inventions into real products quickly with high quality.

One-stop service:

CNC Machining Parts: Plastic, metal CNC machining parts, Lathing parts, small batch machining parts, large batch machining parts

Rapid Prototyping: Plastic, metal, rubber,wooden, foam rapid prototype

Vacuum Casting, low-volume Production

Finishing: Painting, Silkscreen, Oxidation, Anodizing, Chrome Plating, Powder Coating, etc