CNC machined milling turning services
CNC machined milling turning services

CNC machined milling turning parts

  1. YS CNC Machining Service

    CNC Machining is one of the best choices for producing high-quality metal and plastic parts. YS Precision offers a series of precision CNC machining services including CNC milling and CNC lathing, etc. Whether requiring high volumes of production or just a small batch with prototypes for trials, our CNC machining services are available to make your ideas and designs to be actualized in just a few days.

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  2. Commonly requested materials are:

    ● ABS
    ● PC
    ● Nylon
    ● PTFE
    ● PMMA
    ● PEEK
    ● Ultem
    ● HDPE
    ● Delrin
    ● Aluminum
    ● Brass/Copper
    ● Stainless Steel

  3. CNC Turning Service

    YS is equipped with advanced and precision CNC turning machines, enable to produce complex parts for end using parts and prototyping parts. Besides, with the use of CNC gear hobbing, we can also produce a variety of gear parts, with the aid of the additional tools, we can finish the features such as grooves, radial holes, knurling, in fast time.

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  4. CNC Milling Service

    We provide a range of CNC Machining Milling processes for example CNC Three-Axis, CNC Four-Axis, CNC Five-Axis, and so on to produce precision and complicated parts

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  5. CNC machined turning milling parts process:

    –Upload part drawing;
    Feedback within 24 hours
    The most cost-effective offer;
    Creat orders
    –Tracking progress
    Follow up the processing progress at any time;
    Guarantee quality with quality inspection service
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Advantages of CNC Machining:

*Reduce the number of fixtures, CNC machining complicated parts do not need complex fixtures.

*Suitable for New product development and modification. To modify the part, only need to modify the processing procedures.

*Quick turnaround. CNC machines can run 24 hours a day continuously, only turning off for maintenance.

*High Efficiency. CNC machining reduces the time of production preparation, machine adjustment, and process inspection time because of the use of the best cutting area and cutting volume.

*CNC machined parts can be made from the end-use material with similar properties eg; Clear or high tensile strength and the machined parts can be used directly for functional testing.

*High Accuracy. Can process complex surfaces. Some precision jobs can be only accomplished by CNC Machining.

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Cases of processed products: