SLA SLS 3D printing, SLM Metal 3D printing Service
SLA SLS 3D printing, SLM Metal 3D printing Service

YS 3D Printing Service

In YS, we do provide a range of 3d printing services for different industries, if you need to explore a supplier to create your products, our engineers with over ten years of experience are ready to help.

SLA 3D Printing Service

SLA—Stereo Lithography Apparatus, is one of the earliest 3D printing technologies used to produce concept prototypes and complicated products in fast time. It builds parts layer by layer from photocurable resin. A high-powered UV laser is focused onto the platform to curve the material one layer at a time. SLA is applicable for a wide range of materials options, complicated structures products, and high-quality surface requirements, which is a good option for rapid prototyping.

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SLS 3D Printing Service, Metal 3D Printing Service

Selective Laser Sintering—SLS is an industrial 3D printing technology building accurate and durable parts from PA and metal material  SLS is widely used for prototyping for different industries.

The Advantages of SLS Printing Metal 3D Printing

  1. Firstly, SLS can use wide range of materials, which include polymer, Nylon, Metal, ceramics, gypsum, and other powders. But because of the market refinement, now for metal 3D printing, it is called SLM, and because in the market now SLS material should account for 90% of nylon materials, so we usually consider that SLS is for PA material.

  2. Secondly, accuracy, now the accuracy is normal to achieve a tolerance of +-0.2mm.

  3. Thirdly, there is no need for support, it does not need to support the structure, the suspension layer appearing in the lamination process can be directly supported by uncoiled powder, which should be one of the biggest advantages of SLS.

  4. Fourthly, the utilization rate of materials is high. Since no support is required and no base needs to be added, material utilization is highest among the common 3D printing technologies and is relatively inexpensive, but more expensive than SLA.

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