Vacuum Casting Service
Vacuum Casting Service

What is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum casting is mainly used in small-volume product production and rubber prototypes production, which is one of the commonly used processing methods for rapid prototypes.

Steps for making Vacuum Casting prototypes:

Firstly, produce a master prototype by CNC or 3D Printing, put the master prototype into the simple mold.

Secondly, Pour the liquid silicone into the inside, the silicone mold with a sharp blade divided into two parts, remove the masterpiece from the cured silicone mold, empty out the cavity of the silicone mold and the silicone mold is ready.

Finally, Pour the liquid material(e.g. PU, ABS) into the silicone mold, and the liquid material is curved in the mold and reproduces the same product as the master prototype.

The advantages of Vacuum Casting Processing:

  1. Low cost, short production lead time, less waste. Processing cost is less than CNC Machined processing. A silicone mold can duplicate around 20pcs products. Greatly reduce the product development cost, lead time, and risk.
  2. Suitable for small volume product production, make an original master prototype, then duplicate the products. CNC Processing needs to mill and lathes one by one.
  3. Good molding operation. After curing the soft mold, most of the time it is transparent or translucent, which is with better tensile strength, and is easy to cut parting.
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