About Us
  • YS rapid machining, your reliable offshore OEM Service Supplier, with over 100 employees, is dedicated to providing extensive manufacturing service in plastic and metal parts machining for worldwide customers.

    Wiith more than 20sets of various state-of-the art CNC machines, some of which are inported ones, YS enables to provide one-stop service including Rapid Prototyping, Metal CNC Machining, Plastic CNC Machining, CNC Turning Parts, Sheet Metal forming, Injection Tooling, Injection molding,Die Casting, etc. for clients.

  • Service

    We Provide Turnkey Manufacturing Service: Rapid CNC machining; Rapid Prototype Service; Vacuum Casting; 3D Printing; Prototyping Tooling & Molding; Surface Treatment, and so on.

    Our Team

    professional team of engineers and customer service staff

    Quality Control

    we have different quality control measures to ensure your project not only completed on time

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